Wild Times with Susan Maletta

For the next couple of weeks, this show is focused on working hard and playing hard, and developing a positive, success-driven mindset through daily planning. Did you know that daily planning alleviates depression and anxiety? It gives your life purpose and direction and distracts you from pain. This is a comedy variety podcast where I do and talk about whatever I want, and sometimes I interview or do special shows with my wild-ass comedian friends. My goal is not only consistent daily goal setting, but also to develop the daily habit of writing and content creation. I hope it motivates you to plan your day with me! If not, fine! I'll likely get back to other shenanigans soon. But for now, I need some structure (and you probably do too). So join me every morning, will ya?
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Wild Times with Susan Maletta


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Mar 14, 2017

Bunny Fu Fu of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls patiently teaches my drunk friends and I how to use a t-shirt press.