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Variety comedy podcast including guest interviews, Shots n' Crafts parties, personal development themes and challenges, and wild times and discussions. The motto of this podcast is Work Hard / Play Hard. Get successful so you can reward yourself with wild times, baby. This podcast is geared towards other comedians, aspiring comedians / podcasters, and the general public (non-comedians who love comedy). I also swear a lot to so you'll have to get over that. I temper it with eloquent speaking and useful information, though, so there's that..
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Aug 27, 2019

This was recorded earlier today. I finally used my good microphone! The sound should be much better than previous episodes. Today I vent my frustrations about why I hate recording myself and making clips.

Join me in planning out content development. Plan to write or draw or paint or cook or record or decorate or perform or grow or build something or make a video (or make ANYTHING) just to start being creative and feel what that feels like. Impress yourself by producing some content every day. What do you like to make?

Book recommendation -- Creativity: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention.

Link to my Rode microphone that I'm using today, in case you wanna do this shit.

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