Wild Times with Susan Maletta

For the next couple of weeks, this show is focused on working hard and playing hard, and developing a positive, success-driven mindset through daily planning. Did you know that daily planning alleviates depression and anxiety? It gives your life purpose and direction and distracts you from pain. This is a comedy variety podcast where I do and talk about whatever I want, and sometimes I interview or do special shows with my wild-ass comedian friends. My goal is not only consistent daily goal setting, but also to develop the daily habit of writing and content creation. I hope it motivates you to plan your day with me! If not, fine! I'll likely get back to other shenanigans soon. But for now, I need some structure (and you probably do too). So join me every morning, will ya?
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Aug 9, 2019

Yes, the podcast is called Wild Times with Susan Maletta. To have a wild time, you must work hard first. Work hard / play hard is the old adage that still rings true. 

Make progress in your productivity, prioritize your health, and plan your happiness with me every morning! 

Making progress in our lives and planning our daily goals alleviates depression and anxiety.

Join me in trying to make the most of this life! 

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