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Variety comedy podcast including guest interviews, Shots n' Crafts parties, personal development themes and challenges, and wild times and discussions. The motto of this podcast is Work Hard / Play Hard. Get successful so you can reward yourself with wild times, baby. This podcast is geared towards other comedians, aspiring comedians / podcasters, and the general public (non-comedians who love comedy). I also swear a lot to so you'll have to get over that. I temper it with eloquent speaking and useful information, though, so there's that..
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Aug 23, 2019

Happy Friday! Short podcast today. (And maybe not the best one either. I take you on my drive to the vet. I apologize for occasional navigation interruptions and audio issues!)

Tonight we do another, better, wilder podcast and I will have special guest comedians. We will be using actual good microphones, I promise.

For now, let’s plan our day and touch base. How is your planning going? This is Day 13 of the 2-week success planning challenge. Tomorrow is the last one and then on to the next challenge! Join me and remember, if you fail to plan - you plan to fail. Let’s plan a successful day. And let’s make sure to have some fun. I’m not kidding. 

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