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Variety comedy podcast including guest interviews, Shots n' Crafts parties, personal development themes and challenges, and wild times and discussions. The motto of this podcast is Work Hard / Play Hard. Get successful so you can reward yourself with wild times, baby. This podcast is geared towards other comedians, aspiring comedians / podcasters, and the general public (non-comedians who love comedy). I also swear a lot to so you'll have to get over that. I temper it with eloquent speaking and useful information, though, so there's that..
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Aug 18, 2019

Surviving the loss of my beloved cat, surviving my emotions and stress, and generally surviving the weekend. In this episode, we continue where we left off—planning self-care, happiness, and progress towards our goals (in that order). Join me in finding the humor in all of this shit.

A few topics include:

  • What helps me deal with loss, stress, or anxiety (recommendations)
  • Insight into my personal struggles  
  • How to learn to laugh at yourself and the world, or to just find laughter daily in general for healing and happiness 

For you audiophiles—yeah I know the sound is a little shitty at first (it improves slightly). I also have asthma and will be getting an inhaler so fuck off. :). I’ll use my good mic for the next one. 

Oh and here’s the link to that white noise machine I told you about:


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