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Comedic, improvisational monologue (with occasional guests) focused on personal development themes and challenges such as finding happiness in this fleeting life and overcoming adversity and depression. The philosophy of this podcast is Work Hard, Party Harder and the purpose is to help others find success and happiness. Get successful so you can be happier and reward yourself with fun and wild times, baby. I try to teach you lessons that I have learned in my life, learned the hard way, or researched to save you the time and hassle. The things I teach you are things I'm interested in learning more about, so we are in this together, bud. I make information accessible through humor and my ability to speak or relate to any type of person... EXCEPT the easily offended. Please f u c k off now, trust me. I can't be bothered with weak people. Anyway, I'm on a journey of personal and professional growth, and I hope you join me on the journey and get some benefit from it. At a minimum, you will laugh with me (or AT me ... just over there judgin' me... that's fine too) and have a fine and dandy time doing so. At the maximum, we will learn a lot together, inspire and motivate each other, and ultimately fall in love with each other. Yes. We will. I also swear a lot so you'll have to get over that. I temper it with eloquent speaking and useful information, though, so there's that.. love me or fuck the fuck off, like I said... don't be one of those idiots who believes that people who swear lack creativity, intelligence, or an extensive vocabulary. You clearly haven't communicated with me or the rest of the modern world. I say that in love. This is also a comedy podcast, just sayin'... WARNING: Many times I speak on sexually explicit topics with reckless abandon so while you may be disturbed, you WILL be excited and entertained. This is NSFW. Thank you for joining me! For upcoming stand-up shows: Comedian Bio: Susan Maletta is a Silicon Valley-based comedian who creates an instant connection with her audience that delights the spirit yet can sometimes pollute the mind. This corporate run-away, divorce survivor, and single parent fires off her relatable insights in a high-energy, charismatic performance that is sure to entertain and amuse any audience. Susan Maletta has appeared on Nick-at-Nite’s America’s Funniest Mom 3 and was featured in the documentary film, "Comedy ’Aint for the Money", and on Hulu. She won 1st place in the Tommy T's Comedy Club comedy contest and 2nd place in Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club's annual competition. She has also done radio and podcasting for many years, interviewing hundreds of Bay Area comedians including Robin Williams. Check out her motivational/self-development comedy podcast, "Wild Times with Susan Maletta" on iTunes/Apple podcasts. •stand-up comedian •podcaster •blogger •comedic motivational speaker @susanmaletta on IG and twitter
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Dec 29, 2019

Can you go stand in front of the mirror and say, "I love you, you sweet, sexy son-of-a-bitch”?


You might be suffering from low self-confidence and a lack of self-love.

If the thought of going to the mirror and looking yourself in the eyes and saying I love you makes you cringe... we have work to do.

(By the way...the sound is annoyingly loud/distorted at first in the podcast but mellows down and improves. I used a different recording method and it shows. Sorry.)

I'm in the same boat but in general, I tend to think I am a pretty confident person. That doesn't mean I don't still have work to do.

Not being able to look in the mirror and shower yourself with positive self-affirmations easily means that you might feel like you are not good enough, not attractive enough, haven't accomplished enough in life, aren't capable of doing enough due to whatever limitation (self-imposed or not), not making enough money, not a good enough parent, partner, son/daughter, sibling, friend, employee, leader, or can't be enough of what you think you are "supposed to be" or what your damn parents want you to be.

You might be consumed with guilt, grief, shame, or blame. Have you thought about that? There is a way out of these feelings! I promise. 

We are going to start working on this together. So come back.

I love you and I believe in you and I think you are fucking awesome.

I am your friend and coach now.

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Dec 24, 2019

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Agnostics!

Have a listen and learn how to deal with stress over the holidays. Or just listen and be entertained.

Or just listen and stroke your Christmas salami and your little salted nuts.

I give you a few more video recommendations for positive mindset conditioning / affirmations. These really help me get to sleep and calm me down and help me focus on positivity and self-belief.

Use a neti-pot and do some deep breathing exercises with your affirmations. But use distilled water and not tap water, or you could die.

Happy Holidays!


Dec 22, 2019

I made it to 50 episodes! WOOO! Today I cover stressful holidays, a video recommendation for self-healing, and the rest of my non-military takes on Patrick Bet-David's military lessons for millionaires. 

I don't always stay on subject but I did finally get through the list!

Stay tuned for our next critical challenge:

Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Belief!

Join me for that on X-mas Eve.

I couldn't remember this quote during the podcast, but here it is:

Dec 18, 2019

I give you specific goal-setting homework as I take you on my nightmarish Silicon Valley commute.

We will just have to finish going through my non-military takes on military lessons for millionaires/entrepreneurs in the next episode.

We will then move onto the next challenge, which is revealed in this episode...

Get in here!

(You may get annoyed by the mic cord sounds again, so try to block it out or skip this episode. I was driving. Sorry.)


Dec 13, 2019

After a completely unrelated Christmas song...

Sexy talk time, guys. I have a goal for ya, why don't you bust a nut or two or six?

It's time for the weekend, which means it's time to get wild, baby.

I tried to continue Part 3 of my non-military takes on military lessons for success/entrepreneurs/millionaires, but then digressed down a sexual cougarhole.

ENJOY! Thanks for checking out my salacious and wacky podcast, baby!

Wild Times with Susan Maletta finally brings you a wild time.



Dec 11, 2019

Join me for:

  • Drunken singing (just fast-forward through it, dude...)
  • Continued discussion on some more great military habits including teamwork, leadership, collaborating with other cultures, and adaptability 
  • Some more of my 2020 goals revealed
  • Me just trying to motivate you 

If I can't motivate you, or entertain ya, then perhaps look within for your answers and inspiration, or .... try a different podcast, or like, fuck off?

I don't know...

Dec 8, 2019

Topics include:

  • Self-love 
  • Drinking too much/often does not help with energy levels and meeting goals.
  • Cut down on bad habits. Replace with military habits.
  • My perspective on 7 of the 19 habits that the military use for success
  • How to set boundaries with critical or negative people 

In Part 2 (the next podcast), I will go through the rest of the 19 good military habits and my take on them. Stay tuned for that.

Let's get ready to have a great week!

P.S. I like your muscular bottom. Keep up the good work, soldier. Oohrah!

Dec 5, 2019

On my rainy commute home, I try to get you to:

  • Stop fighting on social media and avoid toxic people.

  • Limit your news intake and reduce entertaining (or reacting to) your negative or obsessive thoughts.

  • Stop letting people (including you) waste your time. Minimize distractions that take you off course or make you upset.

  • Stay on this planet with us even if you are depressed or in agonizing, relentless daily pain. There's help and support.

  • Reduce TV but if you don't, make sure it's fuckin' funny.

  • Know how to set hard and serious boundaries with people who consistently suck the energy and time out of your day by venting their many problems to you (and that includes following their negative, ranting social media posts). You can do it politely.

    Do not give your time freely unless it is to your kids (who depend on you) or your boss or customers (who you depend on). Fuck everyone else.

    Seriously, dude...let these attention-seeking drama queens go suck the life and time out of someone else so you can get your goals planned and accomplished. I mean it.

    Stop saying yes to every social invitation, too. Focus on getting your shit done. Make it a goal to focus on your goal setting. FOMO is real but, oh well. It was probably not going to be that fun, and you would rather be at home anyway. You know I am right.

  • Increase laughter in your day somehow. Find it or create it. It's healing and positive and fun and playful and joyous. 

Oh yeah, btw....I also occasionally talk about very personal, sometimes intimate subjects because I don't filter myself, so you have been warned (teased)?

Thanks for being part of my journey to improve and find happiness and success in this short and precious life. I know I am often negative, so this seems hypocritical, but I’m trying to grow. We are in this together, you fuckin' asshole. ;-)

Dec 1, 2019

Topics include:

  • My friend unexpectedly had her baby one month early yesterday, and without notice, and my other friend helped deliver it because they had no time to get help!
  • Pondering then writing down your ideal, dream life
  • Backwards planning from the end of your life 
  • Planning and habit tracking apps for your phone
  • Believing in yourself and thinking BIG
  • Setting measurable goals (not unclear/open-ended ones)
  • Recommended audio books for habits, goals, and finance

Thank you for being sexy and wild.