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Comedic, improvisational monologue (with occasional guests) focused on personal development themes and challenges such as finding happiness in this fleeting life and overcoming adversity and depression. The philosophy of this podcast is Work Hard, Party Harder and the purpose is to help others find success and happiness. Get successful so you can be happier and reward yourself with fun and wild times, baby. I try to teach you lessons that I have learned in my life, learned the hard way, or researched to save you the time and hassle. The things I teach you are things I'm interested in learning more about, so we are in this together, bud. I make information accessible through humor and my ability to speak or relate to any type of person... EXCEPT the easily offended. Please f u c k off now, trust me. I can't be bothered with weak people. Anyway, I'm on a journey of personal and professional growth, and I hope you join me on the journey and get some benefit from it. At a minimum, you will laugh with me (or AT me ... just over there judgin' me... that's fine too) and have a fine and dandy time doing so. At the maximum, we will learn a lot together, inspire and motivate each other, and ultimately fall in love with each other. Yes. We will. I also swear a lot so you'll have to get over that. I temper it with eloquent speaking and useful information, though, so there's that.. love me or fuck the fuck off, like I said... don't be one of those idiots who believes that people who swear lack creativity, intelligence, or an extensive vocabulary. You clearly haven't communicated with me or the rest of the modern world. I say that in love. This is also a comedy podcast, just sayin'... WARNING: Many times I speak on sexually explicit topics with reckless abandon so while you may be disturbed, you WILL be excited and entertained. This is NSFW. Thank you for joining me! For upcoming stand-up shows: Comedian Bio: Susan Maletta is a Silicon Valley-based comedian who creates an instant connection with her audience that delights the spirit yet can sometimes pollute the mind. This corporate run-away, divorce survivor, and single parent fires off her relatable insights in a high-energy, charismatic performance that is sure to entertain and amuse any audience. Susan Maletta has appeared on Nick-at-Nite’s America’s Funniest Mom 3 and was featured in the documentary film, "Comedy ’Aint for the Money", and on Hulu. She won 1st place in the Tommy T's Comedy Club comedy contest and 2nd place in Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club's annual competition. She has also done radio and podcasting for many years, interviewing hundreds of Bay Area comedians including Robin Williams. Check out her motivational/self-development comedy podcast, "Wild Times with Susan Maletta" on iTunes/Apple podcasts. •stand-up comedian •podcaster •blogger •comedic motivational speaker @susanmaletta on IG and twitter
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Nov 12, 2019

Topics include:

- Your mom's atrophied, prolapsed vagina

- Goal setting (including the goal of not having a vag like your mom's)

- Visualization (visualizing yourself having a better vag than your mom's)

- Plans for the rest of 2019 and into 2020 (plan kegels)

I drop some knowledge on how to visualize yourself succeeding and exceeding the goals that you've set. I drop it like your mom's expansive vagina dropped you when you were born.



Oct 31, 2019

Join me as we continue learning how to set goals. And of course I talk about my personal life off and on throughout.

Here is a template I created that I've been using in the mornings to plan my time and goals in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term. This is just a start. We will add on longer-term goals later.

Morning planning and goals check-in:

 (You can modify this to fit your life.)


What meetings/appointments do you have today and tomorrow?

What are your three highest priority tasks today at work?

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:

What are your three highest priority tasks today at home (personal life)?

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


What are the low-hanging fruit (easy or fast tasks) that you can get over-with today?

(List them and add checkboxes to check them off as you complete them.)


This week:

What are your 3 highest priorities this week at work?

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


What are your 3 highest priorities this week (non-work/personal)?

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority: 

This month at work:

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


This month personally: 

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority: 


This quarter at work: 

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


This quarter personally: 

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


This year at work: 

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


This year personally: 

  1. Highest priority:
  2. Second highest priority:
  3. Third highest priority:


What can you be grateful for? (Make a list.)


How can you exceed expectations for yourself? (Make a list.) 


How can you exceed expectations at your job?  (Make a list.)


How can you exceed expectations in your fitness/health routine?  (Make a list.)


How can you exceed expectations with friends/family?  (Make a list.)


Other Priorities/Action Items with Milestones & Target Dates:  (Make a complete list with milestones and due dates.)



Just copy and paste this whole section of lists into your e-mail calendar as a recurring appointment "Daily planning" at some half hour time slot that works for you every morning.

And modify it to fit your life and what you want to focus on, and how you want to focus on it. This is just what has been working for me.

As long as you do SOME type of planning in the morning before distractions take are on the right track.

I have my slot allocated in my calendar daily, Monday through Friday, from 9 - 9:30 am, which is right after I've gotten to work and had my coffee and can think clearly about how I want to navigate my day for success.

Oct 27, 2019

Setting goals gives you purpose, which is good for managing/fighting depression. 

Add value to yourself and someone else by focusing on goal setting.

In this podcast I read an article that is poorly written by a doctor, and it really annoys me. But the content is good.


Oct 22, 2019

In this episode I check in with you after my absence and talk about whatever comes to mind, including:

  • Ending our organization and decluttering challenge with some closing tips on purse and wallet organization
    • I forgot to mention it, but buy a purse organizer insert. They sell them in any size and color on Amazon.
  • An overview on the next challenge (goal setting)
  • Roller derby and what I am doing next
  • Tidbits related to my personal life

Join me!

Oct 5, 2019

I complain about the challenge, tell you about my sectional couch, and blab about random shit.

I also admit defeat in this challenge, but I am not giving up.

I still am getting *some* stuff done. Just not as much as I had hoped. Not nearly. And not consistently. And it's weighing me down.

It's the albatross around my neck. Not a good look.

I must conquer this overwhelmed feeling with progress.

Why is it that every time I attempt to get organized and master this closet, I all of a sudden feel SUPER tired and just want to lay down and watch movies?! UGH!

Our minds sure are powerful, aren't they? I make myself tired and sap my own energy from dreading simple tasks that would make life easier.

Let's push through the feelings that weigh us down and force ourselves to get the boring tasks and errands overwith. My paperwork is not done and I know I have nice nuggets of jokes in there. There is tax-related stuff I need. Insurance documents. I need everything to be online and it's not.

Join me or not. This one isn't really helpful in any way.


Oct 2, 2019

I am very likable so if for some weird reason you don't like me, please feel free to suck a dick.

If you DO like me, please join me for this podcast. It's made for you.

Let's get wild.


Sep 28, 2019

I tried to get organized and I meant well. Does that count?

Hear me criticize myself about my last episode (yes I heard the squeaking and rustling) and ramble on and on about whatever tickles my bean, such as my hot new neighbor who recently moved in.

Warning: I messed up the audio on this one too! I sound a bit far away like I'm not even holding the mic.

It actually sounds like shit and you might want to pass on this podcast altogether.

I didn't have the input set up properly on my audio recorder (goddamnit) and was recording from the mic inputs on the top of the recorder and not the USB mic like I thought I was using.


Moving on.

The day is young and I STILL plan to organize a couple areas today and make progress. How about you?

What can you do today to make a dent in the chores but also make time for fun later?

Let's think on it and take action today.


Sep 27, 2019

Pick a small area to organize or declutter with me for just ten minutes. We may not see a benefit right away, but we will feel a sense of accomplishment!

Spend some time with me as I start to tackle a junk closet. I try to stay focused but it doesn't work out too well. 

Join me as I struggle through this horrid chore.

This is not an easy challenge. Ugh.

Fuckin' lame. But worth it!



Sep 23, 2019

I'm back to continue the challenge with you to get our crap organized so we can feel a sense of relief from knowing where everything is.

My current issue is power cord organization, and making myself dispose of old electronics and appliances that I KNOW I won't use but won't part with.

I recommend some videos that help motivate me to organize/declutter my space. These ALWAYS work for me.

Join me as I continue this very challenging challenge! Let's take actions daily towards this.

I'm with you. Next episode, we will declutter and organize an area together. Think of what that will be...

Don't give up! You can do it! 

Sep 20, 2019

My disturbed mind comes out in this one, so be prepared. I really don't stay on topic whatsoever.

A reminder that although I am doing some serious challenges that are meant to develop good habits, I am not to be taken too seriously here. This is a comedy podcast, after all.

I pretty much fuck around the entire time and digress down different paths. I really enjoy doing whatever I want in this podcast.

But I do hope to bring some useful and interesting information to you regarding getting organized and decluttering!

Join me, sexy buns.

Don't leave me alone in organization land?

Sep 19, 2019

We are going to start small. We are going to think about why we should get organized and visualize all the time it will save us and the beautiful outcome it will provide.

I encourage you to think about three areas you could focus on over the next two weeks of this challenge. Or, pick one daily habit to focus on.

But I want you to think about the *why*. Why do you want to get organized? What's the benefit to you and/or others around you? What does it solve? What does it free you up to do?

Don't forget the *what*. What do you need/want to organize?

The *when* is NOW and throughout the next two weeks. The who is YOU, baby. You and me, baby. Let's do it!



Sep 18, 2019

Topics on the podcast tonight:

  • Developing the gratitude mindset daily
  • What does it mean to be a content creator?
  • How to create mobile-friendly content

And, as usual, I pepper the conversation with digressions and random observations. I read another article and ridicule it slightly yet praise it as well.

Join me on OUR LAST DAY of this challenge! 

Then tomorrow we start getting organized. Join me.

Let's work toward and plan some wild times. What are you doing to plan some fun in your life? And did you write out what you are grateful for today? It's a good practice and lifts the depression cloud. 

Try it.

Sep 14, 2019

I read an article for you on search optimization fundamentals that I think can help you think about different ways to make your website better. This can apply to comedians or anyone who has a blog or website.

Have you been creating comedy videos or merchandise that you want to sell? You need a website on which to sell it.

Are you trying to promote your comedy shows through your website? You need a search-optimized website. The goal is to attract and keep as many people as possible coming to your site.

Does this sound boring to you? If it does, then money and expansion and growth sound boring to you, too.

Let's improve our SEO. Let's learn more about it and take actions on it.

If you don't care about website optimization, you'll want to give today's podcast a HARD PASS. But the sound is better than yesterday! I am using a microphone today.

I hope you have a fantastic Saturday and rest of your weekend!


Stay sexy and wild.

Sep 12, 2019

I used my phone to record this podcast (I promise I never will again-- I had no choice today) and so it's a bit annoying to listen to BUT you will be rewarded with sexual references and innuendo and possibly laughs as I cuss everyone out in traffic. I swear more than usual in this one. Get over it.

It's exciting today. I also witnessed an accident this morning. And I got behind a car with a license plate I couldn't figure out that said "NGHT SHD", which I thought meant Night Shed, which makes no sense.. then after a couple hours of doing this podcast, I am thinking it stands for "Not Shitty"? (Naught shitty)? I still am not sure. Do you know?

Get on my morning commute with me. Oh and I also offer inspiring ideas for self-improvement and success!

Thanks for joining me. I enjoy you. Let's enjoy each other.

Sep 11, 2019

I take you on my morning commute and blabber on and on about this and that. I know this description isn't helpful but I recorded this yesterday and just now getting to posting it...and I don't remember what the hell I talked about! Enjoy!

Sep 8, 2019

Happy Sunday! Time is running out on this weekend. Let's make the most (and best) of it by creating some content! Are you focused on football today or making your dreams come true? Real talk. Ok so it's football.

What about before the game(s)? After? What about half-time? Come on, we have work to do.

Today I explain the various content forms, types, and delivery methods online, as well as how to find ideas.

I have a lot of ideas to share with you that might motivate you to get creative and start producing output to your audience and/or customers and/or fans. 

I also touch on keyword search and search engine optimization (SEO) but will get more into that tomorrow and in the future.

I'm here to bring you the knowledge that I'm picking up along the way to save you some time and hassle, baby.

I'm also here to digress off subject, swear, and talk about whatever the fuck I want. WHOA! Where'd that come from?! But mostly, I stay on topic.

Sep 8, 2019

I offer tips on how to break through writer's / content creator's block through various methods, and offer you a solution to when you are behind on your content.

I also dilly dally into other topics and rants about my day, as usual. Join me in the journey towards consistent content creation! 

Sep 7, 2019

Topics include:

  • always getting back up after you fall down
  • fighting depression and anxiety
  • how to start the day off right
  • how to plan something daily to look forward to
  • me venting about failure
Aug 30, 2019

Keep creating stuff. I am not doing well with this challenge. Oh well. Let's keep trying! This weekend I am dedicated to creating content (meaning, I am going to write jokes).

Aug 29, 2019

I talk about a dead guy who is helping to motivate me with his old seminars on YouTube. He is a master at Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Wait, don't go. 

He's an excellent motivational speaker who has been dead for ten years, yet I listen to him and he helps me.

I will summarize some of his points for you and make some recommendations on how to be happy.



Aug 28, 2019

(Just fyi there is a slight pause before the recording starts that I failed to edit out.) You're probably thinking...what does content creation have to do with Wild Times?

If you work hard to create something, you get to reward yourself with wild times (fun, adventure, going out, laughing, dancing, and cutting loose).

The focus is STILL on happiness, health, and productivity, with the current, narrower focus being on using our creativity, whether it lays dormant or is springing forth actively.

Join me in my process of developing the content development habit. Doing this podcast daily is a start for me. Writing new comedy material daily is the goal, and getting clips of my comedy to send to bookers. Busting through creative blocks. LET'S DO IT! 

Oh, and plan a wild time for yourself (in whatever way you want) for your next day off. Never have a day off? Quit. Unless you LOVE working, then fine. Still take some time off, though. Write down what you can do that is SOMEWHAT WILD (not mild).

This will give you something pleasurable to look forward to. Yes. It could be sex. Plan your sex. Planned sex sucks, but do it if you have to.

I also offer podcasting tips in this episode and recommend a good video on youtube that I found helpful.



Aug 27, 2019

For the content challenge, I discuss several things I am going to do for creating stuff that might inspire you. 

Equipment I am using to podcast:

Host your own Paint Night or Craft night or Game Night or Podcast table setup:

Parties are fun, aren't they? Have one on the weekend once and awhile and host the fun for your friends and/or family or co-workers.

Paint nights are great for team-building and relaxing fun. 

Do it, homey.



Aug 27, 2019

For the content challenge, I discuss several things I am going to do for creating stuff that might inspire you. 

Equipment I am using to podcast:

Host your own Paint Night or Craft night or Game Night or Podcast table setup:


Parties are fun, aren't they? Have one on the weekend once and awhile and host the fun for your friends and/or family or co-workers.

Paint nights are great for team-building and relaxing fun. 




Aug 27, 2019

This was recorded earlier today. I finally used my good microphone! The sound should be much better than previous episodes. Today I vent my frustrations about why I hate recording myself and making clips.

Join me in planning out content development. Plan to write or draw or paint or cook or record or decorate or perform or grow or build something or make a video (or make ANYTHING) just to start being creative and feel what that feels like. Impress yourself by producing some content every day. What do you like to make?

Book recommendation -- Creativity: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention.

Link to my Rode microphone that I'm using today, in case you wanna do this shit.

Aug 25, 2019

Let’s drop our screen time down and increase our creative output. The focus for the next two weeks is less consumption (like of entertainment or social media or food or drinking) and more production.

What can you create today? Jokes? A podcast? A video series? Music? Prepared meals for your family? A new deck on your house? A product to sell? What can you make? What can you produce? Decide and then do that for 14 days. I’ll be checking in on your (and my) progress. This will be good for us. Join me.

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